Checklist for the Perfect Wedding Photos

by Aysha Shaba

Vision Research

Put some thoughts to what theme you want to follow for your wedding images. It could be the traditional style where you cover all the important rituals and people, it could be more artistic, where importance is given to special moments, or rustic where emphasis is given to the aesthetics. Do some research, read up and browse through different styles to fix on one style. Make sure to discuss with your partner to reach consensus, after all it is as much their wedding day as yours.

Also decide whether you would like posed photos or candid photos and chose photographers who specialise in that particular category


Once you have a vision of how you want the images to look, browse through our vendor list under that particular category, or tags and find the right fit. Make sure to view their portfolios and past works to ascertain they can reflect your vision in the images they capture. Take a look at reviews and even contact their past customers to get a detailed understanding of their working methods and more.

Know what to expect

If you are planning for engagement photo shoots or pre / post wedding photo shoot at some eternal locations, make sure to ask the photographer every doubt you have in mind. From what sort of terrain the land has, to the weather to expect and things to carry, making sure you are well informed and prepared. You don’t want to ruin a good photo-shoot, with the wrong kind of shoes to walk in.

Dress and make up

Cross check your choice of clothing with the photographer to make sure it goes well with the location and theme he has in mind. And if it doesn’t, try altering either the attire or the location. You don’t want to look awkward and forced in your images. Make sure your make over is right for the location too, highly layered make up for a day in the sun in some outdoor shoot location could make your skin oily, ruining your photos.

Body language

As important as clothes, make up and location are, the most important is your body language. Though highly under rated, body language can be the difference between beautiful photos that showcase the love between you and your ‘would be’ and images that look forced between two strangers who don’t want to be together. Make sure to communicate with your photographer what you are and aren’t comfortable with and plan your shoot accordingly

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