Everything New In Wedding Invites

by Aysha Shaba

A light addition of colour to the invite brings a classy and elegant touch to it. You could either chose to go with light pastel hues or brighter vibrant shades. You don’t have to necessary stick to the card with these shades, you could do the same for the envelope or envelope liner too. Floral designs are in trend this season, so combining them with watercolour shades could bring an exciting and trendy edge to your invites



Weddings are becoming more and more personal, and the influence of this is visible in invitation cards too, with creative calligraphic fonts and hand written styles cards becoming popular. Fanciful penmanship and elaborate calligraphy has completely replaced patterns and images. These fresh fonts add warmth to your invites making them feel more personal and intimate



If you are having a classic themed or rustic themed wedding with off white and pastel shade themed décor, this could be the perfect fit for you. In this style, invites are usually in off white or rustic brown shades and usually have patches of burlap, crochets or laces. You can even find wooden tags and dried flowers on them, giving them a very exclusive look.



Metallics is yet another rage of the season. Be adventurous and experimental and try it on your wedding invite. A little gold, silver or rose gold touch to your wedding invites gives it a luxurious look. This can be for borders, prints, details or even used for calligraphic writing on the card or the envelope. It brings a sophistication to the invite that’s hard to compete with. Even mixing two metallic shades would bring about a twist to the look.



Once your wedding theme has been decided and your shades fixed, you could design the card in different shades, in different intensities of that colour. These custom made invitations will truly elevate your wedding theme and give your guests a taste of it even before the wedding, creating a sense of curiosity. You could do the same for all your wedding stationary like drapes, table linens, napkins and more.


Envelope liner

Envelope liner is the inside surface of the envelope. It is the first thing you see when you open the envelope or remove the card. Now that we have seen a lot of interesting ideas for envelopes and cards, it’s only fair we explore envelope liners. Envelope liners could be a different shade, could be printed with designs or even have floral patterns on them. This would be a nice little surprise to get when you open the envelope and brings about a fun touch. Here are some examples


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Published on 27-02-2022
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