Pros And Cons Of Outdoor Wedding Venues

by Five Point Wedding

The wedding venues make or break the wedding. You can have an outdoor wedding venue if you can arrange everything from the furniture to the food on the lawn outside. You see significant differences when you compare it to an indoor venue for a wedding. 


When you choose an outdoor venue, you have plenty of choices. Move your tables around and you can change the way the guests sit or dance. Hang some curtains around the lawns outside your house and it becomes one of the best wedding venues.

There is no limit to the number of guests. You can accommodate any number of guests without any trouble. You only need enough trees to sit under. But, if there aren’t enough trees, you can put a shamiana up. 

The atmosphere is open. Lovely breeze and the natural surroundings have a soothing effect on the gathering. You can choose an exotic spot such as the beachside or a mountain location. 

Choose an outdoor one-stop wedding venue. This may be a church, temple, or even a restaurant. You have the guest drop in and the wedding is a brief affair. This suits those who are busy and have friends who need to attend the wedding ceremony. This is one of the more affordable wedding venues.


The biggest con is that it will rain. If the weather turns spoil-sport, then you cannot have a proper ceremony. If you choose an indoor venue such as a big hotel, you have a good connection to the amenities and services. These form the best wedding venues.

If there is too much wind, it might upset the guests. You can provide wind-break if this happens by using temporary, plastic, partition walls. You do not have enough control over the sound and light as you do in the indoor venue. At the indoor venue, the closed environment helps you maintain strict control over the light and sound. 

If you choose to have a local wedding then you have plenty of wedding reception venues from which you can choose. The outdoor venues have their charm but the indoor venues have their advantages. Choose the venue according to where you live. You can create the right atmosphere by choosing the right wedding venue. And, this will make the wedding ceremony a success.

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